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Steel & Barnett

Steel & Barnett Armband Stenar Two Tone

Steel & Barnett Armband Stenar Two Tone

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Are you ready to meet Two Tone? Stylish and with a fashionable sting in its design, this eye-catching newcomer is setting the pace for a fast-paced accessory scene. Stepping away from a traditional round gemstone look, this trendsetter is not afraid to be a bit daring – all while maintaining a certain level of sophistication too!

With smooth/matt flat stones and flecks of gold or silver, Two Tone has a lot going for itself. It can be worn on its own for simplistic elegance, or up the ante for a more formal look when paired with a matching leather bracelet.

It is no secret that this bracelet look can be worn with formal as well as informal threads, and with Two Tone in your corner, you get a trendy edge with a refreshing update for your accessory look.

If you are a big fan of natural stones and impactful design, Two Tone is ready to step up to the task!

WIDTH: 6 mm


SPACER COLOUR: Brushed Antique Silver/Gold

SPACER SIZE: 16 x 6 mm

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